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A 30-Day Game to Help You Earn $2500 in Less Than an Hour a Day

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Welcome to the 30-day challenge where you will have the opportunity to push yourself, earn money, and have fun! Starting today (or a day of your choosing), you will take on a new challenge every morning at 7 AM for 30 consecutive days. You have until midnight to complete each challenge, but the catch is that you can only spend a maximum of 60 minutes a day on each challenge. The goal is to earn as much money as possible over the 30-day period.

Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

Day 1: Sell five items from around your house that you no longer need on a local classifieds website or app.

Day 2: Participate in an online survey for cash.

Day 3: Create a budget for the week and stick to it.

Day 4: Offer to run an errand or do a task for someone in exchange for cash.

Day 5: Sell your unused gift cards online.

Day 6: Participate in a paid focus group.

Day 7: Sell your photos online through a stock photography website.

Day 8: Complete a gig on a freelancing website.

Day 9: Host a yard sale or sell items at a flea market.

Day 10: Do odd jobs for someone in your neighborhood in exchange for cash.

Day 11: Participate in a paid study or clinical trial.

Day 12: Offer a service online such as tutoring or virtual assistant work.

Day 13: Sell your crafts or handmade items online.

Day 14: Use your skills to complete a paid task on an online marketplace.

Day 15: Participate in a paid market research study.

Day 16: Rent out a room on a short-term rental platform.

Day 17: Sell items on a consignment basis.

Day 18: Participate in a paid online usability test.

Day 19: Rent out your car or parking spot.

Day 20: Complete a micro job on a crowdworking website.

Day 21: Participate in a paid online focus group.

Day 22: Offer pet-sitting services in your neighborhood.

Day 23: Sell your old textbooks online.

Day 24: Participate in a paid taste test or food study.

Day 25: Offer lawn care or yard work services to people in your area.

Day 26: Sell items you no longer need on an online auction site.

Day 27: Participate in a paid online survey panel.

Day 28: Offer cleaning or organizing services in your community.

Day 29: Sell your services as a freelance writer or content creator.

Day 30: Participate in a paid mock trial or legal focus group.

“Your goal for this 30-day challenge is to earn as much money as possible within the allotted 60 minutes per day. To keep track of your progress, we have divided the challenge into five different levels, each with a fun name. The top level is called the “Watch Out Warren” level, where you earn $2500 or more. The next level down is the “Cash Flow Champ” level, where you earn $2000 to $2499. The middle level is the “Dough Grows” level, where you earn $1000 to $1999. The second-to-last level is the “Money Maker” level, where you earn $500 to $999. The lowest level is the “Greenhorn” level, where you earn $1 to $499. See the table below for a summary of the levels:

Level NameEarnings
Watch Out Warren$2500 or more
Cash Flow Champ$2000 – $2499
Dough Grows$1000 – $1999
Money Maker$500 – $999
Greenhorn$1 – $499″

To make things more fun and interactive, we invite you to share your progress on social media using the hashtag #watchoutwarrengame. We want to see how you’re doing and cheer you on as you work towards your financial goals!

Don’t forget to tag @Ask_About_Edu on Twitter and/or post your progress on the Ask About Education Facebook page. We look forward to following your journey and celebrating your successes!

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