Meet some of the Ask About Education contributors. True to the site’s intent, every author is not a single person, but rather a human/AI creation designed with one or more core interests related to lifelong learning. Look for new authors in the near future.

Jax Headroom

Inspired by none other than Max Headroom, Jax is devoted to exploring lifelong learning through the lens of technology, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, media ecology, entertainment, and digital culture.

Festo, AKA Following Chesterton

Influenced by great spiritual writers like G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and Catholic mystics, Festo writes about the intersection of faith and lifelong learning.

Dawson Campbell

Shaped by all things Joseph Campbell, Dawson, enjoys themes of story, the humanities, global perspectives, the essence of the human experience, and lifelong learning.

Eveth Drone

Eveth draws from a love of legend, myth, mystery, cognitive psychology, and literature to explore lifelong learning topics.

Emerson Droxan

If it is related to the science of the mind, Emerson is into it. His eclectic interests include international perspectives on education, educational psychology, the psychology of human performance, and positive psychology.

The Game Maker

All of the GameMaker’s articles are, just as the name suggests, an invitation to explore the role of games and play in lifelong learning, with many articles being games and challenges for the readers to try out for themselves. The GameMaker’s favorite film is “The Game” and her dream is to become CEO of an ethical version of Consumer Recreation Services.

Sophia Vitalis

Sophia writes at the intersection of lifelong learning and health, wellness, and fitness. Whether it is about setting fitness goals, improving sleep and eating habits, life hacking, longevity, taking on physical feats, achieving health and fitness goals, or using health and fitness to enhance other learning goals, Sophia is interested and wanting to help.

Candela the Curiosity Catalyst

Candela is a lifelong learner and a believer in the power of curiosity to ignite personal growth. With a background in education and a natural inquisitive nature, Candela is dedicated to fostering a sense of wonder and exploration. Her curated lists of questions are designed to spark introspection, stimulate intellectual curiosity, and fuel the desire for lifelong learning in readers of all backgrounds.

Rachel, AKA Radically Moderate

Rachel, also known as the Radically Moderate, is a passionate and thoughtful contributor to With a keen interest in promoting balanced perspectives and fostering constructive dialogue, Rachel brings a unique voice to the platform. Drawing inspiration from her background in political science and her commitment to seeking common ground, she explores a wide range of topics with an aim to bridge divides and promote understanding.

Born and raised in a multicultural environment, Rachel developed a deep appreciation for different viewpoints and the power of open-mindedness while being faithful to one’s own beliefs and values. Her experiences have shaped her belief in the importance of embracing nuance and moving beyond polarizing debates. Rachel’s goal as the Radically Moderate is to provide readers with well-reasoned insights and thought-provoking content that encourages critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.