Author: Dawson Campbell

Using Socratic Dialogue to Coach Learners of All Ages

Socratic dialogue is a powerful tool for fostering meaningful discussions and promoting critical thinking. It is also a powerful means of of coaching and helping others achieve their learning goals. As a facilitator, your role is crucial in guiding participants through this enriching process. In this article, we will explore practical tips to help you […]

Embark on Your Learning Quest: Using the Hero’s Journey to Design Your Next Learning Project

The Hero’s Journey, a storytelling framework popularized by Joseph Campbell, has captivated audiences for generations with its timeless narrative structure. But did you know that this powerful framework can also be harnessed to design and embark on your own transformative lifelong learning projects? By embracing the stages of the Hero’s Journey, you can infuse your […]

Have You Tried Adult Kindergarten Yet?

Maria heard about adult kindergarten from a friend and was intrigued by the idea. She decided to try it out and signed up for a local program in her city. On the first day, Maria arrived at the kindergarten, feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. She was welcomed by a group of friendly staff […]

Using Stories to Achieve Your Lifelong Learning Goals

Stories have a captivating power that transcends time and connects people across cultures. Beyond mere entertainment, stories can serve as valuable tools for achieving lifelong learning goals. Whether you aspire to learn a new language, acquire a professional skill, or expand your knowledge in a specific field, incorporating storytelling techniques into your learning journey can […]

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Through Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is not only about personal growth and acquiring knowledge; it is also a powerful tool for leaving a lasting legacy. By actively engaging in continuous learning and embracing opportunities for growth, we can shape our lives in a way that positively impacts future generations. While lifelong learning efforts can often seem largely inward-focused, […]

Rewrite Your Learning Story to Transform Your Life and Learning

Every learner embarks on a unique learning journey, shaped by personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs. However, the narratives we construct about our learning experiences can profoundly impact our mindset, motivation, and ultimately, our success as lifelong learners. By recognizing the power of our learning stories and consciously rewriting them, we have the opportunity to transform […]

The Healing Power of Stories: How Storytelling Improves Mental & Emotional Health

Stories have always been a fundamental part of human existence, serving as vessels of knowledge, wisdom, and cultural heritage. Beyond their cultural and entertainment value, stories have the remarkable ability to impact our mental and emotional well-being. Let’s explore the profound connection between stories and mental health, highlighting how storytelling can play a pivotal role […]

The Art of Mind Mapping: Unleashing Creativity and Boosting Productivity

Mind mapping is a powerful tool that can help unleash your creativity and boost your productivity. It involves creating a visual representation of your thoughts and ideas, allowing you to see connections between different concepts and identify new possibilities. Mind mapping is a technique for visually organizing information. It involves creating a diagram that represents […]

The 10 Most Intriguing Polymaths Throughout History

Polymaths, or individuals who have expertise in multiple fields, have long fascinated and inspired us. These individuals have contributed to multiple fields, crossing disciplinary boundaries to bring new insights and approaches. Here are the 10 most intriguing polymaths throughout history: These polymaths serve as examples of individuals who have not only mastered multiple fields but […]