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Worldschooling for Adults? Yes!

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Global schooling, also known as world schooling or traveling homeschooling, is a concept that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves traveling the world with a focus on education, learning, and personal growth. While it is often associated with families who homeschool their children, the idea of global schooling can also apply to adult lifelong learners who seek to broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives.

In the homeschooling world, global schooling involves taking children out of traditional school settings and traveling the world while continuing their education. Families can choose to follow a structured curriculum or create their own educational experiences based on the places they visit and the cultures they encounter.

For adult lifelong learners, global schooling can take many different forms. It can involve enrolling in language schools in foreign countries, participating in cultural exchange programs, volunteering with non-profits, or simply taking extended trips to explore new places.

Here are some tips and suggestions for adult lifelong learners interested in pursuing global schooling:

  1. Determine your goals: Before embarking on any type of global schooling experience, it’s important to determine your goals. What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, or gain new skills? Having clear goals will help you choose the right program or experience for you.
  2. Research programs and opportunities: There are many different programs and opportunities available for adult learners interested in global schooling. Some language schools offer immersion programs for adults, while cultural exchange programs allow participants to live with a host family and experience daily life in a new culture. There are also many volunteer programs that provide opportunities to make a difference while learning about a new culture.
  3. Consider your budget: Global schooling can be expensive, so it’s important to consider your budget when choosing a program or opportunity. Some programs offer scholarships or financial aid, while others may require you to cover all expenses.
  4. Embrace the unknown: One of the greatest benefits of global schooling is the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Be open to new experiences and be willing to learn from your mistakes.
  5. Connect with locals: One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is to connect with locals. Whether it’s through language exchange programs, volunteering, or simply striking up a conversation with someone at a cafe, building relationships with locals can provide valuable insights and help you better understand the culture.
  6. Document your experiences: Keeping a journal or blog of your experiences can be a great way to reflect on what you’ve learned and share your experiences with others. It can also serve as a valuable resource for future trips.
  7. Stay connected: Even after your global schooling experience has ended, it’s important to stay connected to the people and cultures you’ve encountered. Joining online forums or groups can provide opportunities to continue learning and stay connected with like-minded individuals.

There are many resources available for adult lifelong learners interested in global schooling. Language schools, cultural exchange programs, and volunteer organizations are great places to start. Some programs to consider include:

  • Language schools: Many language schools offer immersion programs for adults. Some popular options include Berlitz, and EF Education First.
  • Cultural exchange programs: Programs such as AFS Intercultural Programs and Rotary Youth Exchange offer opportunities to live with a host family and experience daily life in a new culture.
  • Volunteer programs: Organizations such as Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, and WWOOF provide opportunities to make a difference while learning about a new culture.

Global schooling can be a transformative experience for adult lifelong learners. By stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing new experiences, you can gain new perspectives, develop new skills, and broaden your horizons.

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